I just remembered Tagaytay..

It has been a few times I visited Tagaytay. I don’t remember the first time, I’m not sure, but I think it was a family trip. Another is a high school outbound trip, and the last was with Kadiwa brethren. It was a different you’ll experience there, once you get a glimpse of the famous Taal Lake, and of course the volcano itself. It’s a rare phenomenon wherein an active volcano sits in a middle of a wide lake amongst a mountainous province, Batangas, that is. If you’ll just take time to sit in a pineapple farm with perfect view of the scenery, you’ll find yourself in a different dimension of your life. Away from the busy streets of the city, away from your problems, away from everything that distracts you. You’re just there- spending minutes of your life staring at a piece of nature’s beauty, knowing there’s more like this on Earth. In fact, I dreamed of getting rich and exploring the world’s natural beauty, it’s secrets, it’s hidden wealth that man has not yet found. I just love nature.

I can’t explain the feeling very well, all I know is I think it is where I want to be. Sitting comfortably and reaching my sight to nature’s beauty, wishing man would not destroy all of them someday.

Taal Volcano ♥


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