Is it just me, or my voice is improving?

I’m not sure really. I’ve been noticing something these days, especially in choir rehearsals, when I teach the other members. MY VOICE IS IMPROVING! All these years, I believed that I was given a horrible voice I was lucky enough to be an organist. I have accepted that when God showered all the beautiful voice on Earth, I was asleep or something I didn’t managed to catch one. In fact, all of us in the family never sings, or they’ve tried but ending up hurting all our neighbors’ ears whenever they sang in the Karaoke. But I’ve been noticing lately, that I can pitch choir hymns with less effort but I can actually reach the tune! Shocked me several times, but hey! Is it just me or can I really sing that well?

I don’t sing any other song genre other than church hymns. Well I do, sometimes. The showerhead is my microphone and the tiles are my stage. I have my favorite songs and favorite singers and try to sing a few, that is, when I’m with myself only. I don’t know, I sing, I actually can but I think I just want to use it to hymns of praises to God. I’m really glad this happened. It will be a big help in pursuing my organist career. It would be a shame if I happened to have a not-striking-the-real-tune type of voice. How would I lead the choir by myself in that case? Well, now I just need to practice more and improve what I have today.

After taking my Programming course, I plan to study Music. Any kind of Music, but I like to Major in Voice. This is a dream I want to pursue and use to expand my career in the future. But all of these will be impossible without God’s help. But first, I have to thank Him for helping me improve my voice and be an effective organist to the choir.


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