PBB TEENS – I don’t care who wins.

As of tonight, July 7, 2012, the next PBB Teen Edition Big Winner will be announced. Everyone awaits the result, on Facebook, it floods my News Feed with bets and whoever they want to win. Even in Twitter, the housemates’ names are trending. It’s good that another ABS-CBN show is on trend, hits the TV ratings chart and became famous to Filipino fans. I was another success for the PBB Staff and all the contractors behind it, and I feel happy for the Kapamilya personnels behind it. But sometimes, I think, what’s the sense of all these? What’s the sense of trapping a couple of teenagers inside a house and makes challenges and story line by controlling tasks and activities?  Compared to other international Big Brother shows, Kuya, or Big Brother doesn’t mingle too much with the housemates. They just let every housemate be on their own way, habits, activities, and decisions. I think this version we have here in the Philippines is too over acting. They are not showing real Filipino personalities, but revealing scripted scenes to gain fans’ trust and to achieve certain rating polls. This just don’t make any sense. Not that I’m an anti PBB or something, I love the show and I’m happy it was a success and now here’s the Big Night! I don’t know each housemates in the Big 4 but based on what I see on my News Feed, Joj and Jai is the fans’ leading bet. I think Myrtle and Karen doesn’t deserve to be the Big Winner because they are not very good examples to Filipino youth. They are “malandi” as what others would say. Whoever wins tonight, I just don’t care.


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