I am Nea.

Name’s Nea Calabia.
Yes, a simple three-letter word and very easy to pronounce.
I was born to be a part of the Lord’s church and play songs of praises and adoration to Him.
I am the girl who has a smile on my face when everything goes wrong, but I’m the girl who can be a crowded room and feel so alone. I’m the girl who loves so many people, yet trusts a few.

I want the world to hear me roar.

I’m unpredictable and spontaneous.

I am forgiving.

I enjoy being unique.

I’d rather look immature and have fun than care about what other people think.

I’m shy and quiet at first, but wait what’s next.

Sometimes I’m really confident, other times I really feel insecure.

My friends mean everything to me, but sometimes I just want to be alone.

I envy people who can fit in so easily without even trying.

I’m not fake. Touch me, I’m all flesh.

I’m crazy, you might also wanna know that.


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