Ang bilis ng panahon

Parang last week lang nung unang umattend ako ng PE Class, at kinakabahan ako kasi wala akong kaibigan at kakilala sa Block section na classmates ko. At nung isa isang nagtawag ng estudyante si Sir Rey para maglaro ay nagtatago ako sa may likod ng stage. Lalo ngayon, absent ang kaisa isa kong kaibigan at kausap na si Alene, kasi may tigdas daw. San naman kayang lupalop niya nakuha yun? Sabagay, uso nga naman. Kaya lalo akong nawawalan ng ganang pumasok, wala kasi siya. Pero kelangan, kasi tatlo na absents ko. Pag umabsent pa ko, dropped out na ko sa subject. Si Prof mismo nagbabala sakin.

Marahil hindi napapansin ng iba ang bilis ng panahon, dahil abala sila sa kanilang ginagawa araw-araw. Hindi naman talaga masasabing mabilis ang oras, kundi nalilibang lamang ang tao sa araw-araw na kaabalahan. O kung hindi man abala ay nagugugol ang panahon sa mga makabagong paraan ng paglilibang ngayon. Kahit ako mismo ay nagugulat sa mabilis na paglipas ng panahon na tila hindi na mapipigilan.


7 things I look for in someone

7 things I look for in someone:
Beautiful, Intelligent, Gentle, Thoughtful, Innocent, Trustworthy, Sensible.

Beautiful – Who doesn’t want a good-looking friend? That everytime you look at them, it always feels like first glance and be inspired once again. Without these beautiful faces of them, you’ll never have the inspiration you need that will make you get out of bed in the morning. And it really feels good to have these friends around and be proud you have such pals like them.

Intelligent – Not just being a big help in the examinations and pop quizzes, that we all know is a big advantage, it’s also fun sharing ideas with these smart people around you. At times of boring moments, you can always have a chit chat about History, or how Benjamin Franklin saved USA, or why the human heart continually beats or any other weird fact topics.

Gentle – Although I like crazy and loud friends, it’s still fun to have some gentle and behaved people around. When you need some time alone and peace of mind during troubled days, these friends could be around comforting and asking you what’s wrong. They may be boring and quiet as they are, but they can be a big part of your life.

Thoughtful – Yes, feels good when someone actually cares for you, right? Texts and calls you when you’re sick and absent from class, and even visits you at your house. They’re everything in anything.

Innocent – People who you can’t invite to do something illegal but the ones who will make you feel guilty and sorry for what you’ve done. Innocent are innocent, has a clean soul, and highly respective people.

Trustworthy – Trust is something that’s hard to retrieve once lost. And having a trustworthy friend is really seldom. Like in a bacteria-killing brand, 99.9% are all liars and the remaining .01% are whom you can put your trust. These people are the ones who can keep secrets without fail.

Sensible – People showing a good sense or judgment. Keenly aware of what’s happening around. And not ignorant.

I hate when people only respond to the last part of your text and leave the first & middle part unanswered.

Yes, you just typed all your questions in a single text message and sent it to your friend. You even said “text back asap” or “pls reply now” expecting a meaningful response. Cell phone rings. You immediately picks it up with glowing eyes of excitement. You read the text message with only more or less 5 words in it. Mind burst. How about my 234 characters text message? How about answering all of my questions?! How about reading it again and answer properly you !@#$% ?! You toss your phone to any nearest soft surface (because it’s quite expensive and you can’t replace it once you break it.) I just hate it. I wanna chop of your thumb, you don’t use it much, anyway.